Start your day with our delicious breakfast buffet!

30 Different Dishes at a Time

The restaurant Montrose on the first floor of our hotel offers about 30 different dishes for the breakfast buffet every day. Enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western foods including breads, sticky rice, eggs, fruits and homemade original dishes. Coffee, tea and other soft drinks are also available.

Opening Hours6:30-9:30VenueThe restaurant Montrose on the 1st floor
PriceJPY 800 for overnight guests
JPY 900 for visitors
JPY 400 for children (under 12 years old)
* No lunch or dinner is served at our hotel.

[Cancellation Policy for Breakfast]
Please note that the breakfast fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation for your personal reason(s).

Homemade Foods for Your Health and Beauty

All the dishes and foods served for the breakfast buffet are prepared in house.
Enjoy our special homemade dishes cooked by “aunties” in our kitchen from the early morning.
They are the best cooks for homemade-style dishes!

Homemade FoodsHomemade Foods

Breakfast menu of the recommendation

I'm preparing UZUMI of Fukuyama specialty and original homemade curry for breakfast from our hotel.
UZUMI is a free order, so give a staff a voice cliff casually.
Curry, altogether, 5 kinds! You like and you can still enjoy the taste.

Uzumi allegedly originated in Edo period (1603-1868) when people wanted to eat food considered to be luxurious, they would hide it under some rice, due to the frugality policy of the government at the time. To follow tradition, enjoy it first as it is, then pour the broth over it for the second round, and finally add some Japanese herbs for the third round.
Our Five Special Curries
Don’t miss our homemade curries at the breakfast buffet! Many of our guests enjoy the curries, and come back to our hotel for more.
We always serve five types of curry. Enjoy them as you wish – comparing the tastes may be a good way to go,
as well as eating as much of your favorite one as you like!

Our Five Special Curries

Indian Curry
(Chicken Curry)
The most popular curry among the five. Enjoy its complex flavor of various spices including coriander, cumin and garam masala.
“Ofukuro” Curry
Smooth and mild flavor. It’s an orthodox and simple Japanese-style curry which everyone loves with a good balance of spicy flavors and other tastes.
Thai Curry
Our original green curry cooked with a number of spices, coconut milk and vegetables. This is for the ethnic food lovers.
Keema Curry
A filling curry with juicy minced meat. It goes well with both rice and bread. You can also enjoy it as a meat dish. It’s an addictive taste with good balance of spices.
Super-Hot Curry
Caution! This is irresistible for hot food lovers. Start your day with the awakening spicy curry.

Try the Local Specialties from Fukuyama

Local specialties are served in the buffet, because we would like our guests who came all the way to Fukuyama to taste something special from the region. We particularly recommend you to try “Uzumi,” Fukuyama’s local dish. It allows you to enjoy Fukuyama’s famous red snapper and wild vegetables with rich broth all together. We hope you will like it and that it remains a fond memory from this region.

Newly harvested premium sticky rice “Koshihikari” from Sera Highland
The sticky rice served in the buffet is harvested in the northern part of Fukuyama city. Grown in the Sera Highland where the temperature difference between night and day is large, it has a nice chewy texture and shines beautifully. We serve freshly cooked rice at the buffet every day. It goes very well with other dishes!
Fresh eggs from Mitsugi
Have you ever tried raw eggs with rice? It may be uncommon where you are from, but at the Fukuyama Oriental Hotel, it is prepared deliciously! Please try our tasty traditional dish - Tamago Kake Gohan – cooked rice mixed with a fresh raw egg from Mitsugi!
A local medicinal liquor brewed since 1659 in Tomonoura, Fukuyama. Nationwide, it is known as “Yomeishu (traditional Japanese herb liquor) of Setouchi (Seto island area),” and it’s popular for its health benefits. Our hotel offers local homeishu from Irie Toyosaburo Honten, a traditional brewer in Tomonoura.
Fig Vinegar Drink “Ichijiku Su-Iito”
Our vinegar drink made from Figs grown in Onomichi is called “Houraishi.” It’s good for your beauty as it contains hyaluronic acid. This is especially recommended for ladies. Enjoy it with water, sparkling water or milk.
Bingo Sauce
A special sauce made by Takano, a local caterer in business for 50 years. It goes very well with curry and “Tamagokake Gohan (cooked rice topped or mixed with raw egg),” as well as deep-fried foods. Try it when you want to give a little bit of kick to your plate.
Menu of the Day
The menu of the buffet changes daily. We serve a variety of choices such as deep-fried foods, simmered dishes, seafood, fresh salad, soup, eggs and sweets, depending on the fresh ingredients delivered on the day. Even guests staying for multiple nights won’t get tired of our breakfast.
Our Original Blend Coffee
Enjoy our original special house blend coffee named “Crystal morning.” It’s brewed with beans especially blended for us by a local coffee shop. This charcoal roasted coffee has a distinctive flavor and mild taste.