We are happy to reserve a room for you in the highly-secured female-only area.

Feel At Ease Even When Traveling Alone

We have an area on the second floor reserved exclusively for our female guests to unwind, without any worries.
Access to the area is limited to the guests who receive an IC card at the time of check-in.
All of the 10 rooms in the area are non-smoking and a variety of female-friendly amenities are available in the rooms.
There is also easy access to the spacious public bath house on the same floor.

Female-only Area is Highly Secured

The female-only area with 10 rooms has the highest security level in our building.
The special IC card is required to enter the area, so only the female guests staying in these rooms have an access.
You will also need the IC card to enter the ladies’ public bath area located on the same floor.
You will feel comfortable walking between your room and the bath house as these two places are close to each other.

Exclusive Services for Our Female Guests

Ionic Hairdryer
The powerful ionic hairdryer is available in the area, which dries your hair quickly while not damaging your hair. The guests with long hair will particularly find it helpful on a busy morning!
We offer comforting drinks that are popular among women, such as cappuccinos and flavored teas. Select your favorite one suitable for your condition.
Pinch Hangers
These are practical for drying hand-washed delicates in your room.
Various magazines featuring fashion, interior design, accessories, and recipes, for example, are available.
Smaller slippers that better fit female guests are offered. They are anti-microbial.
Mirror Lace Curtain
Do you feel uneasy about being seen in your room through the windows? Our guest rooms feature mirror laced curtains that make it harder to see inside the room from outside in order to better protect your privacy.

Female-Friendly Amenities for All Guests

All toiletries are made in Japan
All toiletries including shampoo & conditioner (Tsubaki), shower gel and face wash are the products of Japanese manufacturers.
Quality Skin Care Products
Skin care products of MUJI are available for free in the female bath house. So feel free to travel with minimum luggage.
Fresh Towels Are Offered at Any Time for Free
Feel free to request fresh towels at any time from the front desk staff.