Privacy Policy: Fukuyama Oriental Hotel

1.Definition of Personal Information

The Fukuyama Oriental Hotel defines name, date of birth, telephone number, email address and other personally identifiable information of our guests that we hold as personal information, and we retain and use such personal information lawfully and appropriately.

2.Information We Collect and How It’s Used

We collect your information in order to provide better products and services, with your consent, to serve these purposes. We use collected personal information to announce our products and services, as well as for other purposes relevant to our business, and do not use it for any other reasons.

3.Management and Protection of Personal Information

We protect personal information you provide to us under an appropriate management system that is secured, for example, by providing thorough employee training and streamlining our office administration, in order to prevent it from being lost, changed, leaked and unlawfully accessed.
We record logs of unauthorized access and work together with the authorities to hold intruders accountable.

4.Disclosure of Information

We properly manage personal information that is collected from our guests and do not share it with any third parties without consent. However, please note that personally identifiable information may be shared with a third party under the following circumstances:

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